Late Summer Musings

Late Summer Musings

A summer full of river plunges, mountain meadows, and long sunshine-filled days is beginning to come to a close. The first hints of fall show themselves in the crisp early morning air and the cool breeze in the high country. These in-between seasons have a special magic to them, and remind us of the precious junctures of time that have long been revered by yogis and practitioners. The Sanskrit word, sandhya, refers to this auspicious in-between time. It describes the transition of night to day when the sun rises at dawn, or sets at dusk. Applying that concept to the larger cycle of seasons, we see the sacred nature of this passage of time. A poignant opportunity for reflection, introspection, and paying attention to Nature.

We have been reveling in the beauty of these days with solo walks in the wilderness, quiet tea sessions in the mountains, and glimpses of the stars in the night sky. We are also re-establishing a rhythm for our family which is always so welcome by now, after the fluidity and freedom of the summer months. A remembering of routine, practice, and discipline.

As fall comes around, one of our great joys is to drink more red teas. To celebrate another turning of seasons, we are offering one of our favorite reds, Gateway of Spirit, at 15% off. This is a unique purple bud, old growth, wild red from Dehong, Yunnan, China. It is medicinal, harmonious, and extremely uplifting… with a smooth, naturally sweet flavor.

Also, if you are local to Ashland, Oregon, stay tuned for a tea ceremony announcement around the fall equinox, coming soon. We would love to serve you and sit with you in the glory of Nature.


In the Spirit of Listening,

Shivaani & Jateshwar

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