Turning Towards Spring

Turning Towards Spring
Here in the mountains of Southern Oregon, spring is slowly and steadily emerging. Delicate pink plum blossoms amidst the crystal blue sky is a feast for the eyes, and a welcome showing of the miracle and beauty of the earth coming alive again and again. Immersing ourselves in Nature, we can feel we are part of that cycle too, and a resurgence is also brewing inside of us. Sunshine drenches the land and plentiful spring rains beckon flowers who lay sleeping for many moons to peek their colorful blooms above ground. Edible medicines show themselves in glistening bright glory. Dandelions, miner’s lettuce, cleavers, and nettles are among the spring foods you can find in your yard or in the wild this time of year.

This Sunday will mark the Spring Equinox, a turning of the Earth in the ever moving cycle of life. An outer reflection of an inner cycle. Balance of day and night. A poignant time to reflect and celebrate life.

With all the anticipated bustling of the coming warmer months, I am planning on a silent solo tea session in one of my favorite spots in Nature to reflect and attune to this precious moment in time. I like to imagine others of you doing the same, silently and collectively sitting in the space that Spring emerges from and within, reminding us that we are much more than what it seems and indeed a part of Nature, and revealing to us what wants to bloom forth in the months ahead.

We hope you have some good tea to enjoy, and a beautiful quiet place in the wilderness to go and just be.

With the weather turning we tend to turn the teas we are drinking towards lighter brews like Sheng puerhs. In celebration of this seasonal favorite, we are offering a sale on our 100 gram cake of Blue Sky Mind: pressed leaves from older trees in the Ai Lao mountains. A vibrant and bright daily drinker that opens the heart and clears the mind. Mildly astringent, light, and subtly floral.

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