About Us



Our Story


We are a husband + wife team raising our 3 kids in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Our dream to offer tea to our community began 10 years ago, and we have spent the last decade immersing ourselves in tea culture and watering the seed of that vision.  Although we are still beginners on the meandering path of a life of tea, we are filled with great joy that the time has finally come to offer OMEN to the world. We hope that the Spirit of Tea will be as much of an ally to you as She has been to us.
With hearts of service,
~ Shivaani and Jateshwar


Our Tea


Throughout the ages, tea has been inseparably woven into indigenous living, rooted traditions, and sacred ceremony. At OMEN, we strive to offer this gift from nature with reverence and intention, paying homage to the people and places who have preserved and passed on this wonderful heritage.

We are committed to curating a collection of tea and teaware that is of the utmost quality, organic, sustainable, and artisan made with care. We specialize in old growth teas and natural clay pottery.

We hope that these offerings will foster experiences that create more peace, kindness, gratitude, and connection among our fellow people.


Our Sources

With gratitude to the farmers, artisans, lineage holders, and everyone who has contributed to bringing this collection forth, we offer our heartfelt pranams. Special thanks to Ben Suga, Colin Hudon, Petr Sklenička, and the Global Tea Hut family.


Our Eco Commitment

Minimal environmental impact is at the forefront of every decision we make at OMEN. In addition to sourcing chemical-free and sustainably grown teas, our bags are fully compostable, and our boxes and packing materials are re-used and/or recycled. The carbon footprint from OMEN's shipping is 100% offset by contributions we make that fund the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.

We also donate 1% of sales to organizations that are helping the earth. This year’s recipient is Conscious Impact in Nepal.

Check them out at: www.consciousimpact.org